Drunken Jams and Jellies by Chef Bill - 250ml


Made in Pembroke, Ontario.

Apple JackTake Apple cider, mix it with good Kentucky Bourbon and you get Apple Jack Jelly sweet Apple with a kick. Great on toast, with cheeses and much more.

Moscow Mule - Moscow mule- ginger beer, lime juice and vodka the only thing missing is the carbonation, taste just like it, looks just like it, But so much better you can have it for breakfast, on a charcuterie board or even in you tea.

Peach Honeyed BourbonPeach jam that is not just peach jam: I switch it up by adding a Bourbon infused with honey which rounds out the flavour. Toast will never be the same.

Peach Honey Bourbon also goes great with cheeses, cured meats, try adding some to you barbeque sauce with some fresh chopped ghost peppers and your barbequed meat will come alive with flavour. Or use it on your duck, mixed with the pan juices this makes a lovely glaze.

Raspberry Mojito - Raspberries, rum, lime, and mint make the Raspberry Mojito Jam so flavourful. The layers of flavour makes this jam unusually versatile. Add Raspberry Mojito Jam to a warm wheel of camembert cheese, pumpernickel bread, some wine, a few friends, good conversation  and you have great evening.

Also good with strong cheeses, cured meats and don't forget toast in the morning.

Red SnapperJust like the cocktail red snapper, it's cranberry, amaretto, and whiskey. This is a cross jam jelly where you will find small amounts of fresh cooked cranberries with lost of back flavour from the amaretto and whiskey.

Roasted Orange and Whiskey - Roasted oranges and jalapeno peppers, then simmer in a rosemary water, add lots of whiskey and triple sec and you have a spicy flavourful jam that's great on rye toast, warm brie, even to finish your roast chicken. 

Rusty Nail - Orange marmalade with a kick of Whiskey and Drambuie giving it an intense flavour profile. Not just for breakfast on toast. Rusty Nail goes great with cheeses, cured meats, wild meats, pork, chicken, and especially duck.

Strawberry Daiquiri - Strawberry Daiquiri jam is special with strawberries, fresh lime and rum not only is it  great on toast but has a great flavour that adds to cheeses, cured meats, ice cream and an added topping for creme brulee or other sweet treats.

Three Berry Red Wine - 3 Berry Red Wine Jam is made with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries; I add a good splash of red wine for another delicious Drunken Jam flavour. Great with mild cheeses, cured meats, barbeque. Mix some with horseradish and try it on roast beef: yum. Oh! Yes it tastes great on toast, ice cream, waffles or any other sweet treat too.